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"Popular Mechanics"
September, 1993
Collision Course

I managed to scrape and slightly ding one of the wheels on my Vette one rainy night. I wondered if there is any way to touch up the wheel. The tire store I went to said I'll have to replace the wheel - and wants about a month's salary for it. I sure hate to live with the cosmetic imperfection, but they're telling me that there is a danger of the wheel failing structurally at any minute. I have a hard time believing that.    WS- Victorville, CA

"Normally, alloy wheels aren't repairable. Well, you can repaint them if the paint is peeling... Careful, nondestructive removal of the paint can be followed by respraying. Chemical strippers are OK - sandblasting is out...

Try contacting the Wheel Collision Center in Bath, Pennsylvania, at (800)292-RIMS. They can actually straighten beads, weld up cracks and retrue your wheel, as well as refinish it to factory specs. The price depends on the extent of the damage, but probably less than a third of the price of a new wheel."

Mike Rzucidlo of Jermyn, PA writes:

Subject: many, many thanks

To the entire WCC crew and staff: At the end of February of 2006, I had my 1992 S-10 Chevy Blazer "derusted" with aftermarket parts and then painted, the vehicle didn't shine this much when I purchased it at 10 months of age. The only drawback was that my rims were now 14 years old and really beaten. After "googling" the term: "aluminum alloy rims" and right on the first page I located the Wheel Collision Center. Thank goodness because about six locations down was an impressive web site that more than put my mind at ease that these guys were pros.

After an email Ed responded promptly and before long we were conversing on the telephone confirming our appointment.

Ed booked me for an 8 a.m. Saturday appointment and as luck would have it I was able to get out of work early on Friday and they graciously moved our appointment to Friday afternoon. Following the directions from their web site it was the easiest 85 miles traveling ever and walking into the front door was pretty simple. Ed showed me one the completed rims and even walked around my Blazer and answered every question. What service.... and then Daryl and one of his well trained technicians came out and did a walk around also addressing any of my concerns about the cores and mounting. The short time spent in the office flew by as Kim and everyone made the atmosphere pleasant, professional and even quite humor-filled at times. When all four tires were mounted and balanced the WCC technician (my apologies for not remembering all the names) handed me my keys and he also showed tremendous pride in his craftsmanship and trade.

Well needless to say my transformation is completed and handshakes were in order for the entire crew. Daryl, Ed, Kim and everyone thanks again and keep up the great work WCC....

Mike Rzucidlo

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